Softball usually starts at the beginning of May and finishes early July. Both boys and girls can start playing at the age of 3. At the age of 9, they can either play hardball or softball.

Softball has gone too centralized registration for the 2020 season. Please go to If you have any questions about Softball, please contact Dan Hughes.


Age Categories & Game

Days Learn to Play 1 - T-Ball (born in 2014-2017) Boys & Girls - Monday & Wednesday

Learn to Play 2 - Penny Ball (2012-2013) Boys & Girls - Tuesday & Thursday

U10 (2010-2011) Girls Only - Monday & Wednesday

U12 (2008-2009) Girls Only - Tuesday & Thursday

U14 (2006-2007) Girls Only - Monday & Wednesday

U16 (2004-2005) Girls Only - Tuesday & Thursday

U19 (2001-2003) Girls Only - Monday & Wednesday


2020 Softball Fees

Administration Fee is $25.00 per family per season.

Equipment fee: $35.00

City of Winnipeg field user fee: $13.00

Learn to Play 1: $80.00

Learn to Play 2: $80.00

U10: $110.00

U12: $110.00

U14: $110.00

U16: $110.00

U19: $110.00



Every player requires a softball glove, a batting helmet with a cage and a pair of running shoes. U10, U12 and U14 players and all pitchers are required to wear a fielding mask.

If you or your children love softball and miss it during the winter or if your son or daughter have never played before, the North East Softball Association is offering a variety of inexpensive skill camps. Please visit their web site at for more information.

Interested in Coaching? Softball Manitoba offers coaching clinic's throughout the year. Check their website at . Contact Dan Hughes for more information.


Umpires Needed. Please go to the North East Softball Web page for more information........